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This website not only serves as a display case for the SimScope project, but is also used as an online tool for development of the various kinds of multimedia teaching tools described in our project summary.

Access to the development pages and resources of the website is restricted to SimScope collaborators and their staff. Collaborators who have not yet requested a login and password can do so by filling out and submitting the form below. Once you have submitted the form, the SimScope project manager will contact you via email.

SimScope is currently funded for 2002-2003, and we hope to extend and expand the project in consecutive years. If you are not yet a collaborator but would like to become one, feel free to use this page to contact us by submitting the form below. Please use the "Remarks" field to briefly describe your potential contributions to the project.

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I have access to the following types of demonstration material and resources for microscopy:

I teach the following course subjects:

I contribute to the following themes in SimScope (check all that apply):
  A. Virtual microscope
  B. Virtual Arabidopsis
  C. Virtual Lab for Cell Biology and Neuroscience
  D. Teaching tools for Nematology, Parasitology and Biology

My additional roles in the project are as follows:

For collaborative work I prefer the following kind(s) of copyright statements (check all that apply):
  A. All rights reserved
  B. Copyright with exemptions (e.g. for non-profit use)
  C. Open source (freely available provided all copies and derivatives retain the same copyright status)
  D. Public domain (freely available without restrictions)
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